Mara - Angela Linders

57 minutes

Experimental film about a Dutch woman visiting her Portuguese friend.

Mara, a Dutch woman, goes to Portugal to visit her friend. When she does not find her at her home, she spends several days in an abandoned country house at sea.

Mara is Dutch. She goes to visit her Portuguese friend Luisa but fails to meet her. Alone in a foreign country, she spends a few days in a deserted house by the seaside. Visual narration is mainly used to reveal the way that Mara’s feelings, thoughts and emotions affect her own reality. In dream sequences and flash-backs she tries to arrange her memories and expectations. In the end she is able to face her friend with more firmness and maturity.

Marijke Beversluis (Mara)
São José Lapa (Louisa)

script & direction: Angela Linders
camera: Goert Giltaij
light: Eugène van den Bosch
sound: Otto Horsch
art direction: Hemmo Sportel
costumes: Patricia Lim
editing: Jan Wouter van Reijen
re-recording mix: Ron Haanschoten
laboratory: Cineco
music: Amilcar Vasques Dias
production manager: Conny Brak
producer: René Scholten

this film is financially supported by:
Fonds voor de Nederlandse Film

Figueira da Foz 1985: Special Jury prize