Studio Nieuwe Gronden -presently SNG Film- was founded on October 22 1979 out of the legendary film collective Amsterdams Stadsjournaal (ASJ). While the ASJ made social-political films, Studio Nieuwe Gronden focused on auteur films. From 1979 to 2001 René Scholten was the driving force behind Studio Nieuwe Gronden. After his death in 2001 Digna Sinke took over his work. SNG Film still wants to produce idiosyncratic films. That can be both documentary or feature film (or everything in between). Important is the involvement the filmmaker. It is not only about the certain urgency in which someone wants to tell something, but also the chosen form in which it is told. International co-production can be a way to initiate, in good cooperation, exceptional artistic films.


Digna Sinke (producent SNG Film)

Born in the village Zonnemaire, in the province of Zeeland. In 1972 she graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam with the short film “Greetings from Zonnemaire”. Besides being producer at SNG Film, she is also director of documentaries and feature films. Her film “De Stille Oceaan” was shown in the competition programme in Berlin (1984). Her feature film “Belle van Zuylen” won the Grand Prize at the festival of Mannheim in 1994. For fifteen years she followed the developments on the small island of Tiengemeten that was transformed van agricultural area to nature reserve. Her documentary “Wistfull Wilderness”, the last part of this long-term project, won the prize for best documentary at the FIFE festival in Paris (2010) and in Freistadt. Her feature film “After the tone” was selected for the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2014. In 2016 Digna made the filmic essay “Onder de oppervlakte”, produced by De Familie.

Sjoerd Rijkeboer (office production)

Sjoerd first came into contact with filming during his study Social and Cultural Anthropology at the VU university in Amsterdam. Following this he gained experience as a production assistant at a filmfestival (AFFF, currently known as Imagine) and as a booker at a film distributor (Cinema Delicatessen).
In 2008 he started as all-round office manager at SNG Film. In the meantime, he has worked on numerous films as production assistant, but also as production coordinator for WAVUMBA and production manager for ONE LIFE IS NOT ENOUGH.
Sjoerd has a passion for artistic films and documentaries and enjoys the substantive treatment of film scripts and the creative drive of directors.

Maria Koevoets (accounting)

Maria came to work at SNG Film on June 2002 as accountant. She has had a passion for numbers since she was young. Luckily at SNG Film she always has a lot to do in this respect. Maria’s office looks out on the neighbour’s garden, which is usually littered with old bicycles.