KALA AZAR wins award at IFFR

At the Award Ceremony of the International Film Festival Rotterdam the KNF (Circle of Dutch Film Journalists) Award was presented to Kala azar. The award was accepted by director Janis Rafa. The KNF Award is presented annually to a Dutch (co-)production at the IFFR.

from the jury report:
“…The film includes some of our favourite scenes from the festival, including a disconcerting scene in a chicken house, washing a dog, and a rock-solid roller-skating scene. The film creates its own surreal universe, which enables the filmmaker to subtly comment on the sick state of the world and our possible ecological downfall. ”

Kala azar was selected for the Tiger Competition, the main competition of the IFFR. The world premiere at the festival was held in the presence of director Janis Rafa and lead actor Dimitris Lalos.

The film was selected for De Verbeelding (“Imagination”) 2016, a collaboration between The Netherlands Film Fund and the Mondriaan Fund. Kala azar is produced by SNG Film in co-production with Athens-based production company Heretic.

Heretic Outreach, the international sales agent for the film, will represent Kala azar at the European Film Market at the Berlinale, to be held from February 20 to 27.
The film will be released in Dutch film theatres by Gusto Entertainment from August 20.

Successful world premiere LEONIE actress and spy

SNG Film looks back on a successful and festive world premiere of LEONIE actress and spy by Annette Apon at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Of the more than five hundred selected feature, medium and short films from more than fifty countries screened at the festival, LEONIE actress and spy finally finished in 53rd place in the IFFR Audience Award.

Review: “One of the most memorable films of the IFFR.”

photo: Anne-Claire Lans

(from left to right, Jan Ketelaars (editing), Martijn van der Veen (actor), Frank Roumen (sector manager, EYE Film Museum Collection), Annette Apon (director), Ruud de Bruyn (image post-production), Digna Sinke (producer), Peter Brugman (camera), Hugo Naber (junior producer))

The film is produced by SNG Film in co-production with NTR and in cooperation with EYE Filmmuseum, and is financially supported by the Netherlands Film Fund, CoBo, Cinecrowd crowdfunders and Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.

From February 20, Mokum Filmdistributie will release the film in the Dutch film theaters.

World premiere HIGHWAY NL at NFF

The world premiere of HIGHWAY NL by Ben van Lieshout was held at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht on September 29. The film closed the Architect Film Festival Rotterdam on October 13. On October 10 Highway NL was released in Dutch film theatres by Mokum Filmdistributie.

Highway NL is a poetic and biting road movie about the intriguing and fascinating world on and off the highway. A cinematographic ode to the ever-growing highway infrastructure in the Netherlands. Or is it an indictment of its all-embracing proliferation?

KEEPING & SAVING or how to live

The documentary KEEPING & SAVING or how to live by Digna Sinke can still be seen in Dutch film theatres.

The world premiere of the film was held at the International Film Festival Rotterdam on January 30. KEEPING & SAVING or how to live is produced by De Familie Film & TV, in cooperation with VPRO televisie.

trailer UK

Films can be viewed in their entirety on Vimeo

SNG Film is currently digitising its rich archives. We believe that these films deserve to be seen and have therefore made several available, in their entirety, on the Vimeo channel of SNG Film.
The first films that can be viewed are the experimental documentary THE CHESTNUT TREE AND THE RIVER by Marieke van der Sloot and the animation films MATCH and SHELLS by Jef Nassenstein.

THE CHESTNUT TREE AND THE RIVER shows the developments in a landscape from the perspective of a chestnut tree. In 2010 the film won the Silver Sierra Film Award at the Yosemite International Film Festival.

Vimeo-link THE CHESTNUT TREE AND THE RIVER: https://vimeo.com/273888125

MATCH was screened in competition at the prestigious Venice Film Festival in 2003 and SHELLS was equally screened in competition at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2007. In both films figures are followed as they navigate through a fantastical universe.

Vimeo-link MATCH: https://vimeo.com/332417178
Vimeo-link SHELLS: https://vimeo.com/332401435


TANZANIA TRANSIT by Jeroen van Velzen is now available on DVD. The DVD includes English subtitles and can be ordered via SNG Film.

The film has won the award for Best Cinematography in a Documentary Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. The jury praises the cinematography by Niels van Koevorden. The world première took place at Tribeca where the film was selected for the Documentary Competition.

TANZANIA TRANSIT is also internationally available on the following streaming platforms (please note that the film is not available in a select number of countries):
Google Play

4 films on IFFR Unleashed

The International Film Festival Rotterdam has recently launched its own online VOD platform: IFFR Unleashed. The films that have previously been shown at the festival can be viewed seperately or with a monthly or yearly subscription. This is also true for 4 films produced by SNG Film.

It concerns the films After the Tone, One life is not enough, Wavumba and Winter Silence.
The films are now live on the platform (see the links below).