TANZANIA TRANSIT by Jeroen van Velzen is now available on DVD. The DVD includes English subtitles and can be ordered via SNG Film.

The film has won the award for Best Cinematography in a Documentary Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. The jury praises the cinematography by Niels van Koevorden. The world première took place at Tribeca where the film was selected for the Documentary Competition.

TANZANIA TRANSIT is also internationally available on the following streaming platforms (please note that the film is not available in a select number of countries):
Google Play

KALA-A-ZAR part of “Imagination”

The film project KALA-A-ZAR by visual artist Janis Rafa has been selected for De Verbeelding (“Imagination”) 2016, a collaboration between The Netherlands Film Fund and the Mondriaan Fund.
During the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht a special event is devoted to the 10 year anniversary of De Verbeelding. The collaboration which amongst others resulted in the SNG Film production WINTER SILENCE in 2008. A teaser of KALA-A-ZAR has especially been made by Janis Rafa for this event.

Kala-a-zar describes of a place that cannot sustain animal life any longer. In a big city somewhere in the south of Europe, a couple takes care of dead animals and abandoned roadkill as an act to give meaning to their life. Kala-a-zar is a meditation on the paradox of life-circles among beings of different species. A film about existence, on the boundaries between living and dead, human and non-human.

Janis Rafa has previously made several short films. Her project Three Farewells: film trilogy has a.o. been shown in EYE Amsterdam. Her work can be found in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Rijksakademie, the Caldic Collection, and the State Museum of Contemporary Art (Thessaloniki).

KALA-A-ZAR will be shot in Greece in the beginning of 2019 and is a co-production with Athens-based production company Heretic. The film is also financially supported by the The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Abraham Tuschinskifonds and Greek Film Center.


In September filming ended for HIGHWAY NL. Ben van Lieshout and editor Jan Ketelaars are now busy editing. There is a great amount of good material and as the film does not have a real storyline editing will be an exciting adventure. It remains clear that the logline has not lost any of its validity: HIGHWAY NL is a cinematic ode to the highway infrastructure in the Netherlands. At the same time, it is also an elegy on that ever-growing the phenomenon. It is a poetic and biting road movie about the intriguing and fascinating world on and next to the highway.
We expect the release to be early next year.

A last Mohican

The world premiere of the short documentary A last Mohican, a portrait of filmmaker, producer and teacher Rolf Orthel, took place at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht.

On November 26 there will be a screening of this film in EYE Film Museum. Prior to this, the short documentary ‘Slochteren aan de lijn’, made by Rolf in 1964, will be shown. After the screening there will be a Q&A by Leo van Hee with Rolf Orthel and Tom d’Angremond.

4 films on IFFR Unleashed

The International Film Festival Rotterdam has recently launched its own online VOD platform: IFFR Unleashed. The films that have previously been shown at the festival can be viewed seperately or with a monthly or yearly subscription. This is also true for 4 films produced by SNG Film.

It concerns the films After the Tone, One life is not enough, Wavumba and Winter Silence.
The films are now live on the platform (see the links below).


KEEPING & SAVING or how to live

The documentary KEEPING & SAVING or how to live by Digna Sinke can still be seen in Dutch film theatres.

The world premiere of the film was held at the International Film Festival Rotterdam on January 30. KEEPING & SAVING or how to live is produced by De Familie Film & TV, in cooperation with VPRO televisie.

trailer UK

CHESTNUT TREE can now be seen on Vimeo

The experimental documentary by Marieke van der Sloot from 2010 THE CHESTNUT TREE AND THE RIVER can now be seen in its entirety on Vimeo.

The film shows the developments in a landscape from the perspective of a chestnut tree. In 2010 the film won the Silver Sierra Film Award at the Yosemite International Film Festival.

The DVD of THE CHESTNUT TREE AND THE RIVER can also be ordered via the SNG Film webshop.

LEONIE crowd-funding campaign successfully completed

The crowd-funding campaign for LEONIE on CineCrowd has ended successfully! The donated amount makes it possible for us to make grant applications with different funds. Practically and substantively, we will also start preparing for the realization of the film.

The film ‘LEONIE – actress and double agent’ is the third part of director Annette Apon’s trilogy about important, Dutch historical women.
Protagonist is Leonie Brandt, an actress who used her talents to become a Dutch double agent. She befriended high-placed German generals and SS agents in Nazi Germany, but also worked for the Dutch intelligence services.
Only a few photos of her have been kept, but it seems as if we can see her life back in all kinds of old film scenes, played by film actress from that time. EYE Filmmuseum has pledged their full cooperation in this special approach, which will be combined with new, to be shot scenes.

EGG (Danniel Danniel, 1988) finally out on DVD

Due to the digitalisation of the short film EGG in honour of the Outstanding Achievement Award at Film Festival Oostende for Johan Leysen, it was possible -better late than never- to release a DVD of the special film that in 1988 was selected for the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes. The DVD can be ordered in our webshop.

DVD ECHO THE NOW available now

The DVD of the artistic experimental film Echo the Now by visual artist Anet van de Elzen is available now. The film is expected to be released in various museums and galleries in the beginning of next year.
SNG Film has predominantly been involved in the post production of the film.

A woman looks back on her life, in search of the essence. Visual artist Anet van de Elzen portrays this through her performances. All lessons in life are ultimately about eliminating secondary matters.

In development

THE LOST LETTER, the feature film by Peter Delpeut and scriptwriter Stan Lapinski, has received a grant from The Netherlands Film Fund for script development. The film is inspired on the life of conductor Willem Mengelberg.

Willem Mengelberg was once a brilliant conductor, but between 1940 and 1945 he was lost in the extramusical reality of war and Nazism. Sequestered in the Swiss Alps he is surrounded by three women yearning for his love and attention. All three try to support him in his fight against the demons from his past. Music is ultimately the only thing he has.