A Tile and a Golden Calf for Digna

At the Dutch Film Festival 2023, Digna Sinke received the Golden Calf for Film Culture. To celebrate this, three of her films were screened at the Netherlands Film Festival: Weemoed & Wildernis, After the Tone and Belle van Zuylen.

In addition, Digna has unveiled a tile with a print of her hand in the Walk of Fame, in the Vinkenburgstraat in Utrecht. As a motto she has written a Zeeland saying: ‘t Wiest z’n eige. That means something like: It’s self-explanatory, you’ll find your way by itself, you’ll be fine.

Life is About Losing Everything

The first shooting periode for Life is About Losing Everything by twin brothers Benjamin and Stefan Ramírez Pérez recently took place in Cologne. SNG Film visited the set and was impressed by what was achieved on a low budget: complete sets in a studio, costumes, puppeteers, dripping blood on a screen, a burning model of a city. It really makes you curious about the final film.


Life is about losing everything Life is about losing everything

Part feminist artist portrait, part fictional memoir, the hybrid documentary Life is About Losing Everything explores the life and work of Canadian poet Lynn Crosbie: loss and love are explored and viewed through the lens of pop culture and art.

A piece of furniture to live in

Gerrit Rietveld’s unlimited space

Lex Reitsma has started editing his film about the Rietveld Schröder House for AVROTROS’ Close Up. The film is guided by sound recordings from 1982 of a conversation with Truus Schröder.  She talks freely about her collaboration with Gerrit Rietveld. They didn’t always agree on everything. Truus lived in the house for sixty years. After her death, the house was thoroughly restored, although Rietveld felt that his houses should actually be demolished after fifty years.

Een meubel om in te wonen

Gerrit Rietveld & Truus Schröder


In the spring, Tom Tieman had some shooting days with Lukas de Kort (camera) and Menno Knevel (sound) at the farms of his two main characters. The (partly) pink painted farm of Boelo ten Have is still in use, as a living heritage from the heyday of “the Grain Republic”. But there are cracks everywhere and some doors can not longer be closed. He is talking to an architect.
Joke’s farm shows how decay can strike. But she enjoys her freedom every day.
The spring period has produced beautiful material. The filming of the grain harvest, last summer, was postponed several times because of the rain, but that too worked out well in the end.

The broadcaster involved is KRO-NCRV.

Huilende bruiden Huilende bruiden


The dilapidated mansions in Groningen hold up a mirror to people. How does man ultimately deal with his own decay, transience and legacy? And: will he stay or will he leave?