Destination Moscow - Gerard d'Olivat en Lou Brouwers

Original Dutch film title:
72 minutes

Documentary road movie in search of what remains of the Second War World, between Valkenburg (The Netherlands) and Moscow.

Destination Moscow gives an insight into what remains visible of the effects of the Second World War after fifty years. In the film a journey is made from the Netherlands (Valkenburg) to Moscow. People at these places tell about what has happened to them.

The starting point of THE ROAD TO MOSCOW is to show, fifty years on, the effects of the most horrific war in the history of our civilization: the Second World War.
The makers felt that the travelogue would enable them to expose the true dimensions on the violence and the effects of a war in a completely new and different way. A war is never short-lived and is never without far-reaching consequences, not even for post-war generations. The Second World War has left its mark on every piece of landscape, on every town between Normandy and Moscow. Al the people who live there and who survived the war can tell stories about how that war changed or destroyed their lives. Places and landscapes pass by in kaleidoscopic images: Normandy, the Siegfried Line, Cologne, Dresden, Berlin, Cracow, Auschwitz, Warsaw, Brest, the snowy and icy Russian woods and fields, Minsk and Moscow. People who live in these places tell us what happened: a German soldier who has been a prisoner of war, civilians who lost their families in air raids, Germans who have been in concentration camps, Polish convicts, a Jewish historian who has been working all his life on a study of the atrocities against his people, Russians who fought with the Partisans as children. Testimonies that show that wars are never short-lived and never lead to anything.


script & direction: Gerard d’Olivat & Lou Brouwers
camera: Johann Feindt
sound: Erik Langhout
editing: Jan Wouter van Reijen
music: Andi Brauer
sound design & re-recording mix: Erik Langhout, Joop Piëte
laboratory: Cineco
production manager: Gerard d’Olivat
producer: René Scholten

this film is a co-production of Studio Nieuwe Gronden with Journal Film Kg (Klaus Volkenborn)

this film is financially supported by:
Fonds voor de Nederlandse Film
Filmbüro Nordrhein Westfalen