The cherry pick - Arno Kranenborg

Original Dutch film title:
96 minutes

Poetic film about a boy who stays over at his grandfather’s and finds love.

City boy cherishes his memories of his grandfather’s farm where every year he helps with cherry picking. His somewhat older niece Marie is his first love. She loses her innocence earlier than expected. When his grandfather dies, so does his love for Marie.

Every year during cherry time, Jan goes to stay with his Grandpa and Grandma in the country. With his distant cousin Marie, he helps his grandparents with the cherry harvest.
In the year that Jan turns thirteen, everything is different. Jan is in love with Marie and Grandma has died. Grandpa mourns for Grandma and Jan can’t dispose of the box of cherry bonbons he brought for Marie.

It is winter when Grandpa dies. The boy returns to the village to bury his Grandfather. He meets Marie again there. A brief encounter. But enough to make him realise they will never be. The boy starts to learn something about love.

Finbarr Wilbrink (Jan)
Anton Starke (Grandpa)
Ricky Koole (Marie)
Lukas Dijkema (Jan Tabak)

script & direction: Arno Kranenborg
co-scriptwriter: Steven van Galen
camera: Goert Giltaij
gaffer: Bert Hogenes
sound: Eddie de Cloe
art director: Paul Silder
costume design: Giene Steenman
make-up: Mia de Jong
editing: Stefan Kamp
sound post-production: Alex Booy
re-recording mix: Wim Post
music: Wouter van Bemmel
laboratory: Cineco
production manager: Annemiek van Gorp
line producer: René Goossens
producer: René Scholten

this film is a co-production of Studio Nieuwe Gronden with KRO Televisie

this film is financially supported by:
Nederlands Fonds voor de Film
Stimuleringsfonds Nederlandse Culturele Omroepproducties