SNG Film Classics: now to be seen JACOBA by Joram ten Brink (Eng subs)

JACOBA is a personal film by Joram ten Brink about the hiding place of his Jewish family in Southeast Drenthe. The film tells the story of two families in Southeast Drenthe: the Ten Brink family and the Omvlee family. The Ten Brinks settled there at the end of the 17th century. At first they worked as butchers, later they had a textile shop. The only difference between this family and their neighbors was that “they went to church on Saturday and the others on Sunday.” The life of a Jewish family in the medina – in the countryside – was very different from that of the Jews in the big cities. They lived completely integrated with the population. The Second World War ended this existence. Jacoba Omvlee, a widow with eight children, then provided shelter to the Ten Brink family, which consisted of father, mother, their youngest son and an uncle, in a small attic room. During the day, the four people had to sit still, otherwise they could be seen by the neighbors. They were in hiding there for two and a half years. Joram, the filmmaker, is the son of the 16-year-old son in the attic. In the film he uses poignant letters from his uncle Leo. He had scenes of the hiding place reenacted by younger generations of the Omvlees and the Ten Brinks. And we also see images of the Drenthe countryside that have already become history again. Everything shot on 16 mm film. A very special film, in the SNG Film Classics series.