NEWS – spring 2021

MENGELBERG receives development support from the Netherlands Film Fund

The MENGELBERG film plan by Annette Apon has received a subsidy from the Film Fund for artistic development. Stan Lapinski wrote the screenplay for this project. The film is about the last years of the brilliant conductor Willem Mengelberg, in exile waiting for the lifting of his ban on conducting because of his attitude in the war. Three women are surrounding him.
Soon there will be a first lecture with the actors


FUGA honored by the Netherlands Film Fund as a minority co-production


FUGA is a Belgian / French / Dutch / Peruvian co-production with Bénédicte Liénard and Mary Jiménez as directors. Previously they made BY THE NAME OF TANIA , which was selected for the Berlinale 2019. FUGA is also a special story: In the heart of the Amazon, SAOR, a young androgynous artist, Saor travels to the home village of his former mistress to bury her there. By meeting her former friends, Saor plunges into the memories of the dirty war. He understands with horror how his lover was both a victim and an executioner. The Film Fund honored SNG Film’s application for a minority co-production. Main producer is Hanne Phlypo from Clin d’Oeil. The film is scheduled to be shot in Peru in the winter of 2021/22.


MARCHING IN THE DARK honored by the Netherlands Film Fund as a minority co-production

Marching in the dark

For this film too SNG Film works together with Clin d’Oeil, now with Evelien de Graeff. MARCHING IN THE DARK is a documentary. For more than 20 years, India has faced a high suicide rate among farmers. A group of widows who want to continue their husband’s farming business come together to share their problems. 28-year-old introverted Sanjeevani finds the courage to be self-reliant, in silent rebellion against a patriarchal society.
The director is Kinshuk Surjan, who studied film in India, Prague and Brussels. SNG Film is also a minority co-producer for this film. VAF and Filmfonds have awarded a contribution.


THE FUTURE IS AN ELDER COW selected for TorinoFilmLab ScriptLab 2021

Torino Filmlab

While KALA AZAR can still be seen here and there at festivals, Janis is working on a new film plan , entitled THE FUTURE IS AN ELDER COW. The Film Fund granted her a subsidy for a first treatment in the framework of Film Fast Forward. Janis has been selected with this project for the ScriptLab of the Torino Film Lab.

Logline: In a quiet provincial town, a couple prepares to welcome new life. Pregnancy sets in motion a series of developments regarding motherhood, reproduction and empathy, ending with the most disruptive scenario for the end of humanity: women giving birth to mammals instead of humans. It is an existential domestic drama with dark humor; visual poetry about our failure to recognize animals as equal beings on this planet.


GLORY DAYS release 2021

Glory days poster

The release of Ben van Lieshout’s new documentary has already been postponed a few times due to COVID-19, but we think it should really work on August 19. The film shows life on the Russian peninsula of Kola, where Murmansk is located, with impressive images. The idealistic intentions with which Kola has been cultivated since the beginning of the Russian Revolution have left deep marks in the landscape and in the minds of people.
Glory Days will be released in the Netherlands by Mokum Filmdistributie.



ACE logo

Hugo Naber has been selected for the ACE Producers Mentoring Program 2021. Mariusz Wlodarski (ACE 27, Lava Films – Poland) will be his mentor. The ACE Mentoring Program has been designed and developed in collaboration with the Netherlands Film Fund, NAPA, Film Forward and Eye Filmmuseum. The program aims to support producers in managing their careers and developing their international network, by giving them the opportunity to actively learn from established mentors working within the European film industry.