Successful world premiere LEONIE actress and spy

SNG Film looks back on a successful and festive world premiere of LEONIE actress and spy by Annette Apon at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Of the more than five hundred selected feature, medium and short films from more than fifty countries screened at the festival, LEONIE actress and spy finally finished in 53rd place in the IFFR Audience Award.

Review: “One of the most memorable films of the IFFR.”

photo: Anne-Claire Lans

(from left to right, Jan Ketelaars (editing), Martijn van der Veen (actor), Frank Roumen (sector manager, EYE Film Museum Collection), Annette Apon (director), Ruud de Bruyn (image post-production), Digna Sinke (producer), Peter Brugman (camera), Hugo Naber (junior producer))

The film is produced by SNG Film in co-production with NTR and in cooperation with EYE Filmmuseum, and is financially supported by the Netherlands Film Fund, CoBo, Cinecrowd crowdfunders and Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.

From February 20, Mokum Filmdistributie will release the film in the Dutch film theaters.