KALA AZAR wins award at IFFR

At the Award Ceremony of the International Film Festival Rotterdam the KNF (Circle of Dutch Film Journalists) Award was presented to Kala azar. The award was accepted by director Janis Rafa. The KNF Award is presented annually to a Dutch (co-)production at the IFFR.

from the jury report:
“…The film includes some of our favourite scenes from the festival, including a disconcerting scene in a chicken house, washing a dog, and a rock-solid roller-skating scene. The film creates its own surreal universe, which enables the filmmaker to subtly comment on the sick state of the world and our possible ecological downfall. ”

Kala azar was selected for the Tiger Competition, the main competition of the IFFR. The world premiere at the festival was held in the presence of director Janis Rafa and lead actor Dimitris Lalos.

The film was selected for De Verbeelding (“Imagination”) 2016, a collaboration between The Netherlands Film Fund and the Mondriaan Fund. Kala azar is produced by SNG Film in co-production with Athens-based production company Heretic.

Heretic Outreach, the international sales agent for the film, will represent Kala azar at the European Film Market at the Berlinale, to be held from February 20 to 27.
The film will be released in Dutch film theatres by Gusto Entertainment from August 20.