DVDs LEONIE, actress and spy & Highway NL now available

The DVDs of both Highway NL (2019) by Ben van Lieshout and Leonie, actress and spy (2020) by Annette Apon are now available and can be ordered in the SNG Film webshop. The DVDs cost €15 each.

logline Highway NL:
Highway NL is a poetic and biting road movie about the intriguing and fascinating world on and off the highway. A cinematographic ode to the ever-growing highway infrastructure in the Netherlands. Or is it an indictment of its all-embracing proliferation?

logline Leonie, actress and spy:
A film about Leonie Brandt, an actress who used her talent in the thirties and forties to become a brilliant double agent and after the war was able to weave an inextricable web of intrigues and mysteries.