Summersea - Kees Hin

(in the framework of POEMS FROM THE SEA)

Original Dutch film title:
18 minutes

Film maker questions people on the beach about the poem SEA by J.C. van Schagen.

Director Kees Hin is searching on the beach of Domburg for people who want to read the poem SEA by the poet J.C. van Schagen. So, everybody strolling by the sea become their own poet and the poet J.C. van Schagen strolls along with them.


When I walk along the beach
I always have to be close to the sea
Then I walk along the floodline
and waves caress my feet
They touch them, like my blind mother

The sea was grand
Ridden by white horses this morning
Because it was blowing up
The foam danced about
The waves were angry and proud
They jumped up like vicious wolves
And bared their white teeth
But I stayed calm and stood tall in the wind
I stood like an old king
If I oversee seas, I am strong and powerful
And my teeth are firmly locked

The poor foam is scared and white
And it lies there shivering on the beach
The sea put it there
Now it can go no further and is lying dying
It keeps wanting to crawl up the beach
Where it would die sooner

J.C. van Schagen
translation: Martin Cleaver


script & direction: Kees Hin
camera: Martijn van Beenen
sound: Rik Meier
director’s assistant: Hanneke Stark
production manager: Hadassah Kann
editing: Jan Dop
sound edit & sound mix: Huibert Boon
image post-production: Editpoint
producer: Digna Sinke

this film is financially supported by:
Provincie Zeeland
ThuisKopie Fonds