Wind with the gone - Alejandro Agresti

Original title:

82 minutes

Comedy about the joys and sorrows in a village in Patagonia where developments are slow.

Soledad, taxi driver in Buenos Aires, begins a new life in Patagonia. A place where films, composed out of undamaged remnants of film reels, provide the only contact with the outside world. Life takes place around these films.

It is 1972. Soleda (Vera Fogwill) is one of the three female taxi-drivers in Buenos Aires. When she is molested for the umpteenth time, she flees the city and her boring life. She ends up with a broken car in a cheerless town in Patagonia. The inhabitants have neither newspapers nor radio or TV. The only source of amusement is the local cinema where old, damaged and incomplete film prints are screened. This is the only contact with the outside world. So the locals believe the chaos they see in the films to be reality. Like the people in the films, they talk, act and think without any form of logic.
Soledad stays in the hotel of Dona Mirta (Angela Molina) and fall in love with Pedro (Fabian Vena). Pedro is a film critic, who writes reviews that are just as crazy as the films. Top the inhabitants, Edgar Wexley (Jean Rochefort) is the greatest actor in history. He plays in terrible films that have however become true masterpieces thanks to all the unintentional cuts. Wexley is invited to visit the small town…

Vera Fogwill (Soleda)
Fabián Vena (Pedro)
Angela Molina (Dona Mirta)
Jean Rochefort (Edgar Wexley)
Ulises Dumont
and: Carlos Roffé, Sergio Poves Campos, Mario Paolucci, Sebastián Polonski, Luis Zandunga

script & direction: Alejandro Agresti
camera: Mauricio Rubinstein
sound: Fernando Solevilla
editing: Alejandro Brodersohn
art direction: Floris Vos
music: Paul M. van Brugge
production manager: Verónica Cura, Annemiek van Gorp
co-producer: René Scholten, René Goossens, Antonio P. Perez, Sarah Halioua
producer: Alegandro Agresti, Thierry Forte, Facundo Narduzzi

this film is a co-production of Studio Nieuwe Gronden with Agresti Films (Argentinia), DMVB Films (France), Maestranza Films (Spain), Videograbadora SA in cooperation with Canal+

this film is financially supported by:
ICAA Argentinië
Nederlands Fonds voor de Film
Rotterdams Filmfonds

International Film Festival Donostia San Sebastian 1998: *The Golden Shell – Best Film
International Film Festival Chicago 1998: *Special Jury prize
Havana Film Festival Cuba 1998: *Second prize Fiction Film, *Best script, *Best supporting role: Ulises Dumont