Parfait amour - Jean van de Velde

95 minutes

A poetic thriller around the theme of amnesia.

Pavel Mosz, a Czech refugee, suffers from amnesia after a car accident. When he tries to get his life back on track, so-called friends pressure him to kill a countryman.

As the result of a car accident, Pavel Mosz, a sixty-year old Czech refugee, suffers from amnesia. A mysterious young man, showers him with large amounts of money ‘for services rendered’, he insists. Mosz is forced to conclude that the car accident, in which he was responsible for the death of another person, was not in fact merely an accident. In his efforts to absolve himself of a sense of guilt, Mosz becomes more and more entangled in the torn web of his past.

Joss Flühr (Psychiatrist)
Jaap Hoogstra (Gregor Von Sachsendorf)
Leen Jongewaard (Jaromir)
Piet Kamerman (Guido Vercauteren)
Joop van Leeuwen (Viktor Hajek)
Johan Leysen (Daniel Brezinski)
Onno Molenkamp (Pavel Mosz)
Peter Tuinman (Rudy)
Guusje van Tilborgh (Maddy)
Hans Veerman (Man near projector)
Jan de Vries (Barkeeper)
Helmert Woudenberg (Lucien van Calster)

direction: Jean van de Velde
script: Natasa Hanusova
camera: Jules van den Steenhoven
light: Hans Burghard
sound: Otto Horsch, Erik Langhout
stage design and props: Hemmo Sportel
costumes: Maria Dumas
editing: Edgar Burcksen
music: Johanna d’Armagnac
re-recording mix: Ron Haanschoten
laboratory: Cineco
production manager: Dirk Schreiner
line producer: René Scholten (Studio Nieuwe Gronden)

Parfait Amour is a production of De Eerste Amsterdamse Filmassociatie van 1980
in cooperation with Eurocentra Film and TROS-televisie

this film is financially supported by:
Ministerie van WVC