Crossing my lips - Janica Draisma

Original Dutch film title:
14 minutes

A short, musical film about stuttering.

By means of musical, poetic portraits of people who stutter, shape is given to their extraordinary way of speaking.

A film about talking, stuttering, singing, remaining silent and listening. Communicating. How do you integrate if you talk differently? And how do we react to something that is not what we expect, to someone who behaves differently from the norm?

Science describes stuttering as a ‘neuromuscular disorder’ as a result of which the regular vibrations of the midriff muscle mean that the words do not emerge in a flowing pattern. But the mind and unconscious also play a role. When you sing, you don’t stutter. That is the miracle of stuttering.

‘Crossing My Lips’ throws a new light on the stutterer and as a result people who do not stutter will be able to look at the phenomenon with curiosity and more understanding and may even think about how they communicate with others. Because whatever the case may be, our interaction plays a crucial role in our lives.

with: Bart van den Berg, Maartje Borghuis, Marjolein Geurtsen, Stephan Kloër, Tim van de Laar,
Angela Powel, Jelmer Soes, Johan Tipker, Björn Wedding

script & direction: Janica Draisma
camera: Thomas Kist
sound: Erik Langhout
music & sound design: Bart Dijkman
costumes: Elisa van Joolen
make-up: Marleen Holthuis
editing: Merel Notten
producer: Digna Sinke

this film is financially supported by:

Netherlands Film Fund in the framework of Every Picture Tells A Story

Netherlands Film Festival 2005: nomination Golden Calf