Kala azar - Janis Rafa


90 minutes

Kala azar describes of a place that cannot sustain animal life any longer, where a young couple take care of dead animals to give meaning to their life.

At the margins of a city somewhere in the south of Europe, a young couple start their day with their job routine: collecting deceased pets from homes and taking them to a pet crematorium. Outside of their job’s constraints, they also collect and cremate roadkill found during their drives. In this desolate environment, the couples’ stoic perseverance creates a space through which their love grows until the moment they have a car accident and cause a roadkill themselves…

Pinelopi Tsilika
Dimitris Lalos
Michelle Valley (mother)
Tassos Rafailidis (father)

screenplay & direction: Janis Rafa
camera: Thodoros Mihopoulos GSC
sound: Nikos Kostantinou
art director: Elena Vardava
costumes: Vasilis Barbarigos
make-up: Sissi Petropoulou
editing: Patrick Minks
sound design: Marc Lizier
grading: Petro van Leeuwen
image post-production: Loods Lux & Lumen
music: LOOR | Gwilym Sainsbury
production manager: Leda Bouzoukou
junior producer: Hugo Naber
co-producer: Konstantinos Kontovrakis, Giorgos Karnavas
producer: Digna Sinke

produced by SNG Film in coproduction with Heretic (Greece)

this film has been supported by the Netherlands Film Fund and the Mondriaan Fund in the framework of De Verbeelding

this film is also financially supported by:
Greek Film Center
Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst
Abraham Tuschinskifonds