Love hurts - Mijke de Jong

Original Dutch film title:
85 minutes

An impossible romance between a liberated urban nomad and a lawyer.

Love hurts is about an impossible romance. A three year lasting struggle of attraction and repulsion. This drama takes place against the backdrop of a changing urban environment in Amsterdam.

Bob is a rather non-conformist young lawyer who shares a small firm with three associates. Loe, who lives on a sparsely furnished barge, is one of the last “urban nomads” in Amsterdam. This liberated woman hates nothing more than the “yuppification” syndrome that lies in wait for most outsiders in her entourage. Loe earns a living as a back-up singer in a culturally-mixed pop group., East Meets West, and forms a duo with Johnny, a guitar player who ‘s a junkie and HIV-positive. As for the rest, she fiercely defends the rights of illegal refugees, demonstrating in the streets and giving shelter to foreigners without papers… Despite their differences, Bob and Loe are deeply in love with each other, but their relation-ship endlessly fluctuates between joy and domestic quarrels.. As time goes by, they are less and less able to bury their differences of opinion. Loe accuses Bob of sinking into conventionality, of accepting too easily the summary judgements of his associates. Bob denies her accusations and tries to influence Loe’s behaviour, make her more act prudently about her political involvements, since she tends to jump impulsively onto bandwagons without thinking things out. To get what he wants, Bob suggests that Loe move in with him, even that they have a child together.. But to no avail. Like their relationship, the world around them seems to be coming apart. The port district where the squatters and outsiders have settled is undergoing urban “renewal”; the racist attacks are increasing; Kemal the Kurd leader of the group Loe sings with, who is illegally in Holland, drowns just as police arrive to arrest him. Undermined by insinuations and lies, Bob and Loe‘s relationship sinks slowly into mutual lack of comprehension.

Marieke Heebink (Loe)
Mark Rietman (Bob)
Andre-Arend van Noord (Johnny)
Mientje Kleijer (Marcia)
Tanar Qatalpinar (Kemal)
Roef Ragas (Maarten)

script & direction: Mijke de Jong
script & dialogues: Jan Eilander
camera: Joost van Starrenburg
light: Wiro Felix, Jaap Veldhoen
sound & sound edit: Ben Zijlstra
art director: Jolein Laarman
costume design: Nicky Schmitz
editing: Menno Boerema
re-recording mix: Jan van Sandwijk
laboratory: Cineco
production manager: Marc Schaaps
line producer: René Goossens
producer: René Scholten

this film is financially supported by:
Nederlands Fonds voor de Film
Produktiefonds voor Nederlandse Films

Locarno International Film Festival 1993:
Special Jury prize (Swissair/Crossair)
3e Prize Youth Jury
Prize of the Nederlandse Film Critici (NKF)