Hammada - Nathalie Alonso Casale

15 minutes

Little boy runs away from home, but reconnects with family after a special encounter with a vagabond.

Hammada walks away from home after an arguement with his father. Will a special encounter at the river point him the way back?

When Hammada (10) receives severe beatings from his father because he does not do what his father asks, he runs away from home. A beach by the river is his new residence. There he meets a man who is pricking paper alongside the river, but who exudes a mysterious calm and wisdom. He lets Hammada make acquaintance with another world. Hammada begins to understand that his place is with his own family after all. The wise man disappears in the distance.

Sakibu Luciano Afoh (Hammada)
Ton Lutgerink (Wise Man)
Sabri Saad El Hamus (Ali, father of Hammada)
Esma Abouzahra (Aunte Kadisha)
Mahjoub Benmoussa (Imam)
Saladin Afoh (Adile, a friend)

direction: Nathalie Alonso Casale
script: Roslin Prager
camera: Adri Schrover
sound: Alex Booy
light: Friso Pankonin, Eric Lor, Thijmen Doornik
editing: Nathalie Alonso Casale
sound design: Boon & Booy
image post-production: Loods Lux & Lumen
music: Matt Dray
line producer: Ilse Ronteltap
producer: Digna Sinke

this film is a co-production of SNG Film with Avro televisie

this film is financially supported by:
Dutch Cultural Media Fund in the framework of Kind & Kleur