Giovanni - Annette Apon

88 minutes

Stylised film around a photographer in a hotel room in Rome.

The successful photographer Diane is in Rome for a photo assignment, but seems mostly to be looking for Giovanni, an old acquaintance and probably a lover. Against the backdrop of the political situation, which is strained due to the attacks by the Red Brigades, Diane and Giovanni hopelessly pass each other by.

The successful photographer Diane is in Rome for a photo assignment. She seems mostly to be looking for Giovanni. An old acquaintance? A lover? Diane makes numerous attempts to discover the telephone number of Giovanni, but to no avail. She also calls her sister and hears that someone they both know has been arrested by the police. Was he involved with the radical group the Red Brigades?

The film camera stays in the hotel room at all times. When Diane is absent all sorts happen. A man from the hotel comes by to restock the refrigerator and steals two film roles.
On the TV news images of an assassination attack by the Red Brigades can be seen. Diane cannot sleep that night and makes Polaroids of the view. We see her stand in front of the window, looking outside, yearning. She is waiting for someone. The telephone rings, but the caller is misconnected. Or not?

Truus te Selle (Diane)
Guusje van Tilborg
Edwin de Vries
Petra Laseur
Gijs de Lange
Frank Groothof
Rose Thesing
Rachels Haug
Anton van Geffen
Pierre Bokma
Joost Prinsen
Victor van Swaay

script & direction: Annette Apon
camera: Theo van de Sande
sound: Erik Langhout
art direction: Hadassah Kann
costumes: Inger Kolff
editing: Ton de Graaff
production manager: Gerard d’Olivat
line producer: Suzanne van Voorst
producer: René Scholten

this film is financially supported by:
Ministerie van WVC