En amont du fleuve - Marion Hänsel

English film title:
88 minutes

Psychological drama involving two brothers in search of their deceased father.

Two half-brothers get to know each other while sailing up a river in an inhospitable region in search of the place where their father was found dead.

On board a little tub of a boat, Homer en Joé, both in their 50s, sail up a river in the remote borderlands of Croatia. Until recently they were not aware of the other’s existence. Then their father died: they turned out to be half-brothers. They go in search of the place their father has been found with a bullet in his head. Was it murder? Suicide?
Homer, the oldest, owns a transportation company in Belgium. He has never known his father, not even his name. His mother was abandoned by his father when she was pregnant. He would like to get to know from his brother the kind of man his procreator was.
Joé is a writer of novels and was raised by his father. He has little desire however in saying something about him.
On their journey the two brothers encounter Sean, an enigmatic Irish adventurer who lives in the area. Which activities is he engaged in and what exactly does he know? Does he also tell them the truth about their father’s death?

Olivier Gourmet (Homer)
Sergi Lopez (Joe)
John Lynch (Sean)

direction: Marion Hänsel
script: Hubert Mingarelli, Marion Hänsel
director of photography: Didier Frateur
light: Maarten Rijnbeek
sound: Henri Morelle
costumes: Yan Tax
make-up: Dick Naastepad
editing: Michèle Hubinon
sound design: Marc Lizier / Klink
image post-production: Loods Lux & Lumen
music: Paul M. van Brugge
production manager: Marianne Lambert
producer Croatia: Ankica Juric Tilic
producer the Netherlands: Digna Sinke

produced by Mans Films Productions (Brussels) in co-production with SNG Film and RTBF (Belgium)

this film is financially supported by:
Netherlands Film Fund and Netherlands Film Fund Production Incentive
Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
Croatian Audiovisual Centre
Tax Shelter du Gouvernement du fédéral de Belgique
Kinorama (Croatia)
Société Nationale de Transports par Canalisations
Opora sa
Notoire Jean-Luc Peers á Vilvoorde