Anton van Munster - Digna Sinke

DVD with interview, film fragments and photos

Portrait of a famous wildlife cameraman who a.o. worked for Bert Haanstra.

The DVD ANTON VAN MUNSTER 1934 – 2009 contains interviews, film fragments and photos of Anton van Munster.

Anton van Munster was one of the best cameramen in the Netherlands. He shot more than 40 documentaries and feature films. For years he was the regular cameraman of Bert Haanstra, after starting as an assistant of Eddy van der Enden for Fanfare. He did the camerawork for The Human Dutch, The Voice of the Water, Ape and Super-Ape, Doctor Pulder Sows Poppies and Mr. Slotter’s Jubilee. Later he mainly worked in Africa, a.o. for Hugo van Lawick. Anton was a passionate person and as cameraman a perfectionist. A year before his passing Bert Hoogenkamp and Digna Sinke interviewed him about his life as cameraman.
Next to this, several film fragments and photos from Anton’s personal archive can be seen on this DVD.


camera interview: Jan Wich
sound interview: Tom d’Angremond
editing: Jan Ketelaars
DVD: Open Studio / Tayari Alberga
composition: Digna Sinke
production: SNG Film

the film was made with support from:
het Thuiskopiefonds