Tanzania Transit - Jeroen van Velzen

TANZANIA TRANSIT – DVD Swahili, Maasai spoken / Dutch, English and French subtitles
SNG 018, 75 minutes

In this feature length documentary we follow Rukia, Peter and Isaya while embarking on a journey for three days and nights on a train crossing Tanzania. On the way they tell their life stories, which show their strength to survive.
Rukia is an independent woman, who runs her own bar near the mines in the dessert, a brutal world dominated by men. The goal of her trip is to find a place where she can begin a new life.
Isaya, an old Masai, sits in the poorest part of the train with his grandson William on his way back to his family in the “bush“. In the train they are confronted with prejudice their fellow passengers have towards Masai.
Peter travels first class. Once he was a leader of a large gang, but now he is a powerful preacher who makes money by letting his (poor) followers pay for his dubious services.
These three characters have one thing in common: how desperate their lives have sometimes been, they all found a way to go on.

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