One Life Is Not Enough - Annette Apon

ONE LIFE IS NOT ENOUGH: Dutch spoken / English subtitles
Original Dutch film title: IK WIL GELUKKIG ZIJN
distributed by Mokum Filmdistributie, 72 minutes plus extras

Fien de la Mar (1898-1965) was an exceptional actress. She performed in revues and cabarets, but also played big dramatic roles. She did not care for the distinction between high and low art and could excel in both. In other aspects she was also elusive and could not be classified. Fien de la Mar was someone with so many talents, and yet did not know how to handle them. They should have been spread over three lives in order to fully develop. It was an indulgence that finally proved fatal.
A lot of images of her have been kept. Photos have been taken of her during her whole life, from the time of infancy until just before her passing. Between 1934 and 1940 she acted in nine films. By way of film fragments and photos the film evokes an image of the magic of her play, the euphoria and despair in her life. In the soundtrack we hear a play of sound from her film scenes and quotes from interviews about her.

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