EGG – DVD Dutch spoken / English and French subtitles
Original Dutch film title: EI
SNG 017, 58 minutes, 1988

Johan de Bakker knows how to bake bread. He knows how to place an egg right-side up, or how to build a nice tower out of the pebbles near the river. He joins in in dominoes, but does not dance. Together with his friends he follows the comings and goings of the inhabitants of his small village; he regularly goes to the village square where the bus stops a couple of times a day.
His friend Paul finds a contact advert in the paper for him and writes a letter. Thus begins the correspondence. Paul first writes and thinks up a letter, and later Johan dictates the letters himself.
One day, an unknown woman steps out of the bus. It is Eva, his pen-pal. She waits at his mothers until Johan returns home. He is 35 years old, but actually still a child says his mother. “Yes, all mothers say that”, responds Eva. A while after the fist acquaintance with Johan, Eva realises that he cannot read or write.
The next day he shows her around the bakery and the village. He is open and kind to her. “Don’t be afraid Eva”, he says. Will this be enough for her to stay?

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